Capturing the Amazing Maze

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s a UFO, no it’s a corn maze! Bobbing and weaving through beaming 15-feet cornhusks, it’s hard to find your way and easy to get lost when wallowing through a corn maze.

Also known as maize maze, corn mazes are quickly becoming one of America’s most popular tourist attractions. A great way for farmers to create tourist income, corn mazes creative designs and physical attributes are making them a top fall activity.

“A real life maze, that you can run through and race your friends. It’s like the best physical and mental beneficial activity for kids,” says Blue Bell mother Julie Slackman. Slackman says that corn mazes are a great way for farmers to make extra money in this tough economy, “I understand they are stopping healthy corn from growing, but I’m sure the supply of corn maze customers is just as beneficial.”

In 1990 farmers made up 2.6% of the labor force, and less than 1% claimed farming as an occupation in 2007. Advocating for more corn mazes in the community, Slackman would also like to see more done with maze at Merrymead Farm in Lansdale.

“The Corn Maze Guy”, Don Watts, is well known in the farming community for his intricate corn maze designs and recently completed a maze for Delaware Valley College. Temple University Student and Lansdale native, Katie Joslin, agrees with Slackmans suggestion. “Living across from Merrymead’s corn maze my whole life, I think it’s really cool what he’s doing and I hope that he comes here some day.”

According to a recent CBS 3 interview, Watt’s charges anywhere from $900 to $3000 to design and cut the maze. Watt’s company, Newton Graphic LLC, uses GPS antenna on top of the mower and a hand held computer to display the designs to assist them in executing the plan.

The seasons-long process of building a corn maze is not only a new wave of graphic design but progressive agriculture as well. “Wow, it’s really brilliant what they’re doing,” said retired landscaper Calvin Wilson. “I would have never thought to do something like that when I was a kid.” Wilson, who lives not too far from Merrymead Farms, said that this new progress in farming and landscape architecture is exactly what farms in American need.

Family owned Merrymead Farm is just one of the many great farms in the Delaware Valley. Active Acres Farms in Newton, PA has everything from corn mazes to duck races to farm animals and more. Snipes Farm in Morrisville, PA has a six-acre corn maze, apple orchard and a pick-your-own pumpkin patch.

Despite an unstable farming and agriculture industry, supporting local farms this fall is a great way to help out. With new creative designs, and often-spooky appeal, corn mazes are quickly becoming a top fall attraction.


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Terror Behind the Walls Now Marry Behind the Walls

A historic prison site in Fairmount is now available for weddings. Well known for it’s haunted house Terror Behind the Walls, the Eastern State Penitentiary can now marry you behind the walls. Director of Operations Brett Bertolino announced on September 6th that for the first time, the historic site is offering wedding packages to the public. Bertolino says no weddings have been booked yet, but there is still time to book a Halloween weeding or incorporate your wedding into the Terror Behind the Wall’s haunted house attraction.


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